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Mastering V-Ray - Learn Everything about VRay Lighting, Materials, Shaders and Textures!

Mastering VRay is an ongoing elite training course for professional CGI artists designed to be the most well thought out and production proven education for Vray to date.


Who learns from Mastering V-Ray?

Over 140 well-known studios and companies, including Apple, Industrial light & Magic (ILM), Blur Studio, Sony Pictures Imageworks, UBISOFT and many more, have subscribed to this training.

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 About Mastering V-Ray


Mastering Vray is an elite training course for professional CGI artists designed to be the most well thought out and production proven education for V-Ray to date…
Gaining over 1000 subscribers in under 6 months and including talented artists from ILM, Weta, Sony and Blur, Mastering V-Ray has arguably become the most popular CGI training course ever devised.
I am a multi-award winning print stills artist with 12 years of CGI Experience. Having reinvented the workflows of multiple world class retouching/CGI studios, I have made sure absolutely everything taught is above  current production standards so that when you have completed the course you will have all the technical skills a high end stills artist requires without the mind numbing task of reading the manual 2000 times.

 Course Purpose


For a few years I was under a heavy workload daily, something I’m sure many of you have experienced. As painful as those years were, they led me to obtain a very fast instinct for visualizing real world detail and translating it into CGI. Part of being a CGI artist in the print industry is having as good an eye for detail as possible and this is where I observed many artists fall apart as rendering an image at 1000 pixels wide is a galaxy apart from a 30000×16000 Full CGI render.
Completing jobs like this forced me to adapt and learn methods that were elusive to understand. It’s incredibly frustrating seeing a studio produce the world class work they do and then proceed to hold onto EVERY secret they discovered whilst creating it. I don’t believe in that. I believe knowledge is valuable and therefore I am extremely happy to have built up the confidence to finally produce this course.
Most artists have an understanding of lighting but there is little information out there about complex procedural shaders commoners can understand. It’s an art I challenged myself to master and can’t wait to complete with you!

Student Pricing / Licensing


I’ve worked extremely hard to bring an affordable and well presented course to the V-ray community.
This started out as a very small idea to release some free materials and quickly transformed into what you see around you and I want to keep it accessible to everybody.
Student pricing is modestly affordable at $50
Please forward your current student I.D to and we will process your request within 48 hours

 Topics being covered

  • -TRUE Render optimisation never before explained that is capable of significantly reducing your render times-
  • -Advanced procedural material creation based on my own method and that of ILM VFX artists-
  • -Deep understanding of real world materials-
  • -Custom made BRDF models-
  • Correct usage of texture maps-
  • -Tone mapping HDRs for backplate matching-
  • -Hand painting HDRs-
  • -Environment Fog-
  • Character Rendering
  • -Lighting methods-
  • Post production

Company Showcase!

Mastering V-Ray has garnered a huge following from world class studios and artists working within them. The feedback we have received has been spectacular and it’s been a hugely rewarding experience knowing companies I have idolized my entire career are now adopting the workflows I have developed.
The course primarily consists of Professionals in the Architectural Visualisation industry and we currently have over 140 studios subscribed.


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