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Vue Pioneer 2015

Vue Pioneer 2015

Vue Pioneer 2015- The Perfect Introduction to 3D 


Create vast expanses of terrains, add trees, select the best point of view and render hyper-realistic images of your landscapes in moody atmospheres in just a few mouse clicks.

VUE Pioneer 2015 is a great way to learn 3D. It's so easy to use that you'll be composing amazing 3D landscapes in no time.

VUE Pioneer 2015 includes free access to the Cornucopia3D community: get help, exchange tips and suggestions with other users, find inspiration by looking at their art, or show your own creations to the world!


e-on software
Top reasons to get VUE Pioneer 2015

- Easy to learn, easy to use!
- Breathtaking 3D landscapes!
- Photo-realistic results!
- Wide selection of presets!
- Unrivaled natural 3D creation power!
- Renders at Full HD resolution!
- Direct access to Cornucopia3D content!
- Helpful user community!
- It's completely FREE!


Hassle Free

With VUE Pioneer 2015, you concentrate on your art. No need to worry about perspective, lighting or shadows: the software takes care of all this for you.
All functions are only a click away: one click to create a terrain, one click to grow a new plant, one click to add 3D text, etc.

You compose your scenes interactively, in real-time, and watch the result as a preview is rendered on-the-fly. When you're happy with your work, simply hit the Camera icon to create the final image.

Whether you're a newcomer to 3D or a seasoned 3D artist, you'll find your way around VUE Pioneer 2015 in no time!
Cornucopia3D, Your New Home
After installing VUE Pioneer 2015, connect to your Cornucopia3D account at, and you can:
- Get instant access to your personal resources,
- Download free content for your 3D landscapes/worlds,
- Talk with other VUE users, exchange tips and ideas,
- Showcase your art in your own gallery.

Get Help
Not getting the results you were hoping for? Don't take your first steps in 3D alone! Talk to other users on the Cornucopia3D forums: you'll get help and invaluable suggestions.
Someday, you may even help out others too?

Find Inspiration
Visit the Cornucopia3D galleries and take a look at the work of other users for a refreshing breeze of inspiration! Upload your images to your own gallery and share with the community. If you like, you can even ask for others to comment on your work.

Download Content
Add spice to your creations! Easily find the perfect content to elegantly close your compositions. Browse by theme, popularity, release date...

Go Further
Improve your VUE-skills thanks to quality video tutorials directly accessible from your account. New videos are uploaded regularly, and you can view them as many times as you like.

Need stimulation? Pit your talents against other VUE-ers: enter one of our regular contests and win prizes! 

What Can I Do with VUE Pioneer 2015?

- Create your own amazingly detailed 3D Worlds in any style – photo-realistic, illustration, fantasy, abstract... No drawing skills required!
- Produce images in superb photo-realistic quality and vibrant colors for print, web...
- Bring to life your stories, comics and cartoons, poems or games!
- Create still and animated backgrounds.
- Illustrate your presentations and documents.
- Simulate geologically realistic environments, from archeologically accurate worlds to a possible evolution of the Earth...
- Easily create professional 3D titling effects for your own videos and DVDs.
- Invent original wallpapers and screensavers, posters, postcards, calendars, stickers...
- Represent yourself, your friends and family in the most exotic and fantasy worlds or funny situations - travel to deep and savage mangroves or desert islands lost in the ocean!
- Design original websites!
- Create dazzling animations - animate your entire world, from the smallest plant to the biggest cloud and walk, drive and fly through them!
- The list goes on... where will your imagination take you?

How Can it Be Free?!

VUE Pioneer 2015 is derived from the research e-on software makes for the high-end products it sells to large special effects studios.

By offering a product of such great quality as Pioneer for free, we are hoping to attract new users to the fun world of VUE. Because we know you'll love Pioneer, we expect that some of you will buy content from Cornucopia3D, or even decide to expand the product with the optional modules.

VUE Pioneer 2015 Limitations
- Pictures carry a logo(1)
- You cannot import 3D models(2)
- VUE Pioneer 2015 is for home use only(3)
- VUE Pioneer 2015 is provided "as is", without any technical support(4)

What's the Difference with the PLE?
VUE Pioneer 2015 is a real product. It's not a trial version and you won't get any watermarks on your renders (although you do get a logo*).

Unlike the Personal Learning Edition, the product can be upgraded to higher end versions of VUE, and you can exchange scenes with other VUE users.

If you upgrade or change your computer, you won't lose your scenes like you do with the PLE. You should only consider the PLE as a short term option, whereas you could go on using Pioneer forever!

    (1) You can remove this logo with the RenderUp module.   
    (2) You can load Cornucopia3D locked content or create your own models using the program's modeling tools.   
    (3) Commercial use requires purchase of the RenderUp module or use of a higher product.   
    (4) If you need help, please visit the Cornucopia3D forums for assistance from other users.


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