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Substance Painter Pro (Latest version) - Next Generation Texturing Tool from Allegorithmic

Substance Painter Pro License

The new generation of texture painting. 
Simply the most innovative and user-friendly 3D painter out there.

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Retail Price: $990.00

Paint full materials.In real time.
Choose your brush, select a material, tweak it if needed and then start painting! Each stroke applies all channels at once in real time with each map going up to 4K resolution, making it the most interactive 3D Painter out there.

Next-gen viewport
Preview your painting in a Physically based (PBR) viewport for accurate material feedback.

The best of post-effects with Yebis 2
Create beauty shots of your assets using one of the best optical effects technology out there (Yebis 2 by Silicon Studio) adding antialiasing, color correction, DOF, glare, bloom and much more.

Import your own shaders
Import your own custom shaders and create your own channels to paint on. You can also use pre-built shaders such as the standard PBR (Physically-Based) or even one of the non-photorealistic rendering shaders we provide, like a toon shader and a pixellated shader. 

Use particles to paint with physics
Throw dirt, fire or even make it rain on your object and watch the realistic weathering effects unfold in real time! Any material can be painted with particle brushes and these can be tweaked to an infinity of variations. Advanced users can also create their own particles using the editor provided by Popcorn FX. 

Smart materials
Smart materials are layers presets, replicating your layers settings on any parts of your mesh. Keeping consistency on your asset has never been faster and easier! 

Integrated bakers
Our embedded bakers allow you to bake your maps at light-speed directly within your software.