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HDRI Stonewall - Free HDR Image with Backplates

This is a free sample from our newest HDRI bundles from HDRI-Hub.

Bundels available at


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  • Resolution: 8000 x 4000

This free package contains:

-4096x2048 .hdr Panorama
-High resolution .jpg tonemapped Image
-low resolution light map
-15 backplate images
-sIBL Description file


Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


What is sIBL?
It's a short for "Smart IBL" . It's a standard describing all informations and files needeed to provide fast and easy Image Based Lighting Setup.
sIBL-Gui is a free application for organizing your HDR images and setting up your scenes with a single click.

But you are not required to use sIBL-GUI to use these files. You can also set up you scenes as usual.

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