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RailClone (+3YR Maintenance) - iToo Software

RailClone (+3YR Maintenance) - iToo Software

What's new is RailClone 3.2 ?

We are delighted to announce the release of RailClone 3.2 with a host of brand new features and fixes to improve speed, increase usability and make the plugin even more flexible.

* Please contact for multiple licenses.

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What is RailClone?

RailClone is the world’s most powerful artist-friendly parametric modelling plugin for 3ds Max®. Its unique array-based approach to asset creation is fast, efficient, and easy-to-learn.


Use the convenient node-based editor to create rules that combine, sequence, transform, deform, slice, bevel, and distribute instanced geometry or proxies. Create variation by randomising objects, UV mapping, and material IDs. Render huge objects made from thousands of highly detailed parts using native geometry shaders.

With RailClone, creating sophisticated parametric models has never been simpler.


Main applications where the software is used

Archviz, RailClone

Architectural Visualization

RailClone’s rule-based arrays and deformation algorithms are perfectly attuned to modelling architectural components. Create bespoke railings, stairs, floors, ceilings, cladding, facades and much much more with ease.

Visual Effects, RailClone

Visual Effects

RailClone’s advanced instancing engine is able to render huge objects with little memory overhead. Create objects with rich life-like detail, and populate scenes in a click with geometry that is impossible to create using other methods.

Architecture, Engineering, Construction, RailClone

Architecture, Engineering, Construction

RailClone plays well with other AEC applications. Link splines from Autocad, Revit, Civil 3D or any other compatible software to drive RailClone objects. Use RailClone as an integral part of the design process, not just a presentation render.


RailClone brings industry-leading parametric modelling to 3ds Max®. Now anyone can create procedural objects, with absolutely no need for programming knowledge.

RailClone is unlike other parametric tools. It creates objects by distributing and manipulating geometry created using standard modelling techniques - this means if you can model in Max, you can use RailClone.

No need to depend on a folder full of 3rd party scripts or rely on someone to create a tool for you. RailClone’s unrivalled workflow enables you to leverage your existing skills, and create almost any parametric object with a single plugin.


Play ItVersatile, RailClone


With RailClone there are no limits on your creativity. Unlike other scripts and plugins that are designed for a single type of model, in RailClone you can create almost any parametric object.

Play Iteasy to use, RailClone

Easy to Use

RailClone uses an easy-to-understand graphical Style Editor to create sophisticated structures. Unlike other procedural tools, absolutely no programming knowledge is necessary.

Play Itfast, RailClone


RailClone is fully multi-threaded and highly optimized for speed. This, coupled with the Points-cloud display mode, and native geometry shaders means that you can create and render huge parametric obje cts, made from thousands of highly detailed parts.

Play Itadaptive, RailClone


RailClone transforms, slices and deforms geometry to create a seamless object. Just set the construction rules, and all the necessary deformations are applied automatically, even on curved paths!

Play Itsmart, RailClone


Let RailClone do the thinking for you with advanced algorithms to deform geometry to follow sloping paths and surfaces. Inclined and uneven walls, stairs, handrails and balustrades and stepped fences are no longer a chore to create in 3DS Max.

Play ItReady to go, RailClone

Ready to go

RailClone Pro comes with over 350 predefined styles, including Fences, Railings, Barriers, Traffic, Walls, and much more. The library browser is fully customizable, allowing you to add new categories and models with a single click and share them with your colleagues.

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