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Studio EnvironmentSet 2

Studio EnvironmentSet 2

Studio Environment Set 2 (SES 2) kit

Kit for MODO 701, 601, 501, Bentley Systems MicroStation, & SOLIDWORKS 2014

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SES 2 provides a variety of designed HDRI spherical images complete with ground planes for easily obtaining professional-quality studio lighting for product shots, engineering visualizations, advertising art, or packaging shots. It is designed for people who would like to be able to choose studio / interior lighting setups but do not want to invest the time set to create custom lighting set-ups for each project. This second Studio Environment Set is particularly suited for those wanting to visualize small to medium sized subjects. Typical users of SES 2 are architects, artists, industrial designers, engineers, packaging specialists or CAD visualization professionals.


What is the relationship of SES 2 to SLIK? And to SES 1?

The HDRI images that make up SES 2 were created using SLIK. SLIK is a separately available kit that provides all the tools to you need in MODO to create your own unique lighting environments. SES 2 is a collection of ready to use image-based studio lighting environments crafted by the artists at 9b studios. SES 2 is an extension of SES 1 and represents an additional 50 environments that are different from SES 1 but fall under the same workflow. SES 2 comprises 51 high dynamic range (4000x2000 .hdr format) images that are spherically mapped for use as environmental lighting sources.

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