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MeshFusion Plug-in for MODO - The Foundry

MeshFusion Plug-in for MODO - The Foundry

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Why add MeshFusion to MODO?

- Create booleans between subdivision surface (SDS) objects
- Control the blending between the resulting surfaces
- Edit assembly instructions creatively with three intuitive editing modes (3D Tree Fusion, Schematic Fusion and Fusion Strip)
- Use with deformers and other MODO modeling tools, giving freedom to experiment more
- Final mesh output is a single unified mesh ready for further editing or export to .STL for 3D printing


Full feature list:

- Interactive live booleans based on Catmull–Clark subdivision surfaces (SDS)
- Works with MODO’s full slate of modeling tools
- Editable Fusion Strips (edge loops), that automaticly blend surfaces along boolean intersections.
- Easy click­haul editing
- Watertight mesh export to .STL
- Convert to standard MODO meshes for further modeling and/or retopology
- Animate and render live boolean connections
- Custom '3D Boolean Tree' UI with drag and drop editing directly in the 3D viewport
- MODO Schematic View boolean editing with complete set of standard boolean nodes
- Add mesh items to the schematic via drag and drop in 3D viewports
- Custom editing layouts, with optimized display settings for MeshFusion modeling
- Additional custom scripts to help manage, manipulate and model complex boolean models
- 3D 'Qbic' mesh primitives included — perfect for MeshFusion modeling


MeshFusion in action
Learn MeshFusion with Creative Specialist Andy Brown's handy 3 part tutorials and download the tutorial assets.


Basic - MeshFusion for MODO Tutorial (1/3)


Basic - MeshFusion for MODO Tutorial (2/3)


Basic - MeshFusion for MODO Tutorial (3/3)

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