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Rendering in MODO: Animations

Rendering in MODO: Animations

Rendering in MODO: Animations - By Richard Yot

Compatible with MODO 801

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Rendering in MODO: Animations is the third in a series of courses looking in detail at the high performance rendering capabilities found in MODO 801. This third tutorial builds on the foundations laid out in the first and second tutorials, Rendering in MODO: Interiors and Rendering in MODO: Studio Shots. Each series includes foundational videos which are unique to that section, and when viewed together comprise a comprehensive overview of rendering inside of MODO.

Rendering in MODO: Animations explores all the important aspects of rendering animations in MODO. This tutorial covers how to solve common technical problems encountered when rendering animated projects. This includes everything from how to deal with heavily displaced assets, to how to render hair and fur without getting flickering. The final bonus portion of this tutorial demonstrates how to grade renders to a professional standard using NUKE. By the end of this tutorial, you will have the tools to get the best out of MODO's render engine, get clean results while keeping your render times fast, and learn the best workflows for dealing with complex animated assets. Included as a bonus are four case studies, and two shots with step-by-step videos that take you from lighting to final compositing in NUKE.

Although prior knowledge of MODO is useful, the Rendering in MODO series is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to the subject of rendering in MODO, and will benefit users of any skill level from beginner to advanced. NUKE 8 is also used in the end of this tutorial, however, it is not essential to the content and users do not need to own NUKE in order to follow along. The Rendering in MODO: Animations tutorial is an in-depth coverage of render settings most appropriate to Animation and is well-suited for those users in Film, Animation, VFX, or any field where moving images are required.


What's Included?
11 foundation videos segments
4 case study video segments
5 project-based video segments
23 scenes in LXO format
310 assorted images and textures

Total Running Time:

Experience Level:
All levels. Basic knowledge of MODO 801 recommended.

Software Compatibility:
MODO 801 SP1 or greater
NUKE 8 (used in bonus portion of tutorial but is not essential to the content and users do not need to own NUKE in order to follow along)

Product Format:
All files delivered via electronic download. Training videos are at 1920 x 1080 resolution and narrated in English.

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