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RayFire - Latest Version

RayFire - Latest Version

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RayFire supports the latest build with all released features.

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New feature in version 1.64:

  • NVidia PhysX Rigid Body support via RayFire user interface.
    NVidia PhysX Force Influence-
    Allows You to affect on objects in simulation by forces, space warps and mouse cursor. Glue allows you to glue objects together and break connections between objects during simulation. Several types of simulated objects: Dynamic, Static, Kinematik, Sleeping and Dead.
    Entropy Bullet
    Rigid Body support via RayFire user interface. (Beta)
    Interactive Demolition System.
    Creates dynamic simulation and demolishes objects accordingly to their material and collision strength. Each fragment can be demolished further with proper amount of collision strength.
    Voronoi modifier.
    Interactive realtime Voronoi shatter modifier.
    Cache object.
    Allows to cache geometry and animation is single file to store it outside of scene.
    Trace object.
    Image tracing to fragments.
    Fragmenter modifier.
    Interactive realtime Voronoi shatter modifier.
    Clusters modifier.
    Groups simple fragments into more complex clusters.
    Bomb helper.
    Allows You to create all kinds of explosions.
    Fragmentation types.
    Irregular, Uniform, Voronoi, Wood splinters, Radial, Bricks fragmentation types. Ability to draw cuts over your objects by mouse.
    Asperity modifier
    Adds detalization to simple geometry and makes them much more realistic.
    Cracks modifier.
    Animated 3D Cracks inside refractive object.
    Voxels modifier.
    Creates voxels using geometry volume.
    Fragmentation by Shapes.
    Allows to use Shapes as stensil to fragment objects.
    Automatic update system.
  • Voxels modifier - It allows you to voxelize, control, and animat your 3D mesh.
  • Clusters modifier - It allows you to easily combine and turn a group of simple fragments to more complex clustered fragments.


RayFire Cache Feature list:

  • Cache object. Geometry and animation caching in single file.
  • Support for Alembic animated objects.
  • Enhanced Clustering algorithm.
  • Geometry and transformation caching
  • Animatable speed property
  • Playback by playback graph
  • Reverse playback
  • Caching with respect to Visibility track
  • Playback activation by animated Sub Object gizmo
  • Per Element playback control by actions: Hold In Out, Offset, Delete by Age
  • Load types: Stream, Per-Sample, Pre-Load
  • Custom Viewport and Render properties
  • Explode. Bake cached animation back to animated fragments
  • FREE Loader for render farms

RayFire 1.64 Demo can be downloaded Here

Go to RayFire website.