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Carbon Scatter Pro 2015

Carbon Scatter Pro 2015

carbon scatter Pro 2015


Populate your scenes with millions of native objects, and render them with your favorite renderer! Carbon Scatter Pro and Carbon Scatter 2015 are the most simple and straightforward solutions for creating complex and detailed populations using the native instancing technologies of 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema4D.

Ideal for: Architects, VFX Studios, Animators, Advertising, CG Students, and Academic Professionals


Preferred Platform: Windows & Macintosh


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The Most Powerful Population Plugin!

Carbon Scatter Pro includes Carbon Scatter 2015 plus the Carbon Botanica Plant Editor.

Carbon Scatter 2015 Pro will work within all the compatible host applications and renderers installed on your setup.

Carbon Scatter Pro lets you easily customize any of the plants included with Carbon Scatter and allows creation of your own, unique plant species.

The product ships with a comprehensive collection of 100+ Csvz plant species. Unlimited network rendering included.

*Carbon Scatter 2015 Pro + Maintenance includes one year Maintenance Plan subscription (unlimited priority web support, access to EEF, free upgrades to full releases).


With Carbon Scatter you can:

•Render billions of polygons easily thanks to lightning fast instancing
•Convert to native instances for rendering without Carbon Scatter
•Render with any renderer including GPU path-tracers (Octane, VRayRT, ...) in 3ds Max and C4D
•Populate millions of instances per second!
•Use PlantFactory models and customize them using the Plant Editor*
•Interactive population – change a setting, Carbon Scatter repopulates in a blink
•Add/modify instances with your mouse using jitter, raise, repel, attract, lean... brushes
•Populate in all directions around objects
•Animate instances (including wind in plants) with full de-phasing control
•Control placement, height, size, orientation... using bitmaps or procedural graphs
•Create populations with multiple layers and control how they influence each other
•Scatter inside/along curves, stack instances (e.g. to create piles of rubble on a path)
•Ships with over 100 3D plant species (with variations!) and 130+ billboard trees