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Vue Infinite 2015 Upgrade

Vue Infinite 2015 Upgrade


VUE Infinite offers CG professionals the premiere solution for creating exceptionally rich and realistic Digital Nature environments.

Ideal for: VFX Studios, Animators, Architects, Matte Painters, CG Students, and Academic Professionals

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What's new in Vue 2015?

The improvements in VUE 2015 are expansive: from faster rendering, improved overall performance, an exciting non-photo-realistic renderer, a redesigned interface that you can customize to your liking, a new displacement mapping engine and more.
There are also a number of features making it ideal for all production environments, including easy exchange of data with ZBrush, support for Alembic and Disney's PTex, and tighter integration with compositing pipelines. 

Here is a shortlist of some of the important new features included in VUE 2015:
- High-amplitude displacement mapping- Faster rendering
- Non-Photo-Real engine analyzes renders like an artist to create stylized artwork
- Generate Ambient Occlusion passes (VUE xStream only)
- Energy Conservative AntiAliasing- Exchange geometry with ZBrush using GoZ
- Import and export scenes, objects or camera paths as Alembic
- Export materials using the Ptex standard (VUE xStream only)
- Horizontal and vertical film offsets
- Export Rocks and baked HyperBlobs
- Reorganize the layout of the interface at will
- Fast content browser with large previews, search and more
- Double-sided materials- Auto-scale clouds with altitude
- Modulate Spectral clouds sharpness using a function graph

Vue Infinite 2014.5 is the most efficient and advanced solution for creating, animating and rendering natural 3D environments.

It offers a high-end 3D scenery solution for SFX studios, animators, illustrators, architects, matte painters and CG professionals. It is strongly focused on power, productivity and inter-operability with existing toolkits.

Vue Infinite 2014.5 naturally integrates and extends all major 3D applications to provide a complete, professional natural 3D studio.

Specifically designed for professionals, it combines a multitude of cutting-edge features that easily integrate with your workflow.

With its intuitive, production-oriented layout, you will quickly enhance your production with rich EcoSystems™ of wind-swept trees and plants, Spectral atmospheres and detailed terrains in fully animated scenes.



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