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Vue Esprit 2015

Vue Esprit 2015

Vue Esprit 2015-  Enhanced Digital Nature Creation for 3D Artists


VUE Esprit 2015 is the leading Digital Nature application with extended import and scenery control features for serious 3D Artists. It is focused on intuitive workflow, advanced rendering features and Poser/Daz integration.

With a clear, uncluttered interface and state of the art features, VUE Esprit 2015 combines sophistication with ease of use. With VUE's renowned natural 3D tools and unique render quality, you’ll soon be creating inspiring 3D art in any style.


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Top reasons to get VUE Esprit 2015

- Easy to learn, easy to use!   
- Import content in all popular 3D formats!   
- Photo-realistic radiosity lighting!   
- Load and render Poser characters!   
- Unrivaled natural 3D creation power!
- Packed full of preset content!   
- High quality, high resolution images!   
- Direct access to Cornucopia3D content!   
- Helpful user community!   
- Affordable package that grows with you!

What's New?

Rendering and Performance

High-amplitude Displacement Mapping
- Swifter rendering
- Supports strong distortions of object surfaces
- Bitmap or procedurally based

Faster Rendering
- Up to 20% faster on a modern CPU
- Photometric rendering up to twice as fast
- Faster preparation and rendering of infinite, spherical & planetary terrains

Non-Photorealistic Rendering Styles
- Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) engine creates stylized artwork by interpreting renders as an artist would
- 40 NPR preset artistic styles including paint, chalk, halftoning, etc
- Create custom render styles by combining line and shading styles (requires the AdvancedGraph module)

Faster Previewing
- The Render Scene Preview starts sooner thanks to optimized incremental scene preparation
- It also renders up to 8 times faster!

Clouds and Atmosphere
- Drive cloud colors (volumetric color and ambient contribution from sun and sky) using a function graph (requires the AdvancedGraph module)
- Modulate Spectral clouds sharpness using a function graph (requires the AdvancedGraph module)
- Auto-scale clouds with altitude for easier manipulation
- 15 new cloud presets

Other Improvements to Rendering
- Energy Conservative AntiAliasing smooths renders while preserving bright details
- Double-sided materials let you define two different materials: one per side of each face
- Modulate the Sub-Surface Scattering depth using a function graph (requires the AdvancedGraph module)
- Set minimal reflectivity of materials based on viewing angle
- Material groups let you associate multiple layers with common overall alpha and environment presence
- New dedicated shader for infinitely thin glass materials


New Content Browser
- Handle large numbers of files swiftly
- Display large previews of your items, instantly change the size of previews
- Show collections as individual tabs or as a hierarchy of folders
- Easily find content using the quick search field to search inside a specific collection or throughout all collections
- Identify recently used items through a dedicated tab
- Highlight your favorite items and view them all in the Favorites tab

Other Interface Improvements
- New "Welcome" panel shows most recent files, template scenes, and other useful links
- Material Editor tabs show which channels are used(e.g. Transparency, Reflections, Translucency, etc.)
- Select and edit multiple nodes in the Function Editor simultaneously (requires the AdvancedGraph module)
- Resize the Render Stack to match renders
- Colored axis coordinate (X,Y,Z) input fields


Geographical Data
- Import geo-located terrains
- Import geographic data using the DTED, SDTS/DDF, and GeoTIFF data formats (on top of DEM files)

Other Integration Features
- Export Rocks to any standard 3D file format (requires the Exporter module)
- Handle network rendering of files over 4GB in size
- Export VUE scenes to LumenRT (requires the Exporter module)

What's in the Box?

VUE Esprit 2015 adds the 3DImport and RenderUp modules to VUE Pioneer.

- The RenderUp module, included with VUE Esprit 2015, lets you render images without any limitation of size nor quality (other than system resources). It also grants you advanced control over the VUE rendering engine.

- The 3DImport module, also part of VUE Esprit 2015, lets you import content created with other 3D applications. Thanks to 3DImport, VUE Esprit 2015 can read and import 3D objects in all popular formats, complete with texturing information.
This includes the ability to natively load static or animated Poser characters, re-pose them directly inside of VUE, and even render them using the Poser shading tree!

VUE Esprit 2015 also ships with an extensive collection of preset trees, buildings, scenes, characters, etc.

VUE Esprit 2015 ships on two disks, packed full of quality content for use in your scenes.

The content included with VUE Esprit 2015 features over 190 3D objects (of which 18 animals, 28 buildings, 5 characters, 21 vehicles, etc) as well as over 50 additional plant species and 10 new sets.