Elevate Your Architectural Renderings with Archexteriors vol. 40

Looking to create stunning suburban scenes like those in top architectural designs? Evermotion's Archexteriors vol. 40 is here to help.

Dive into a collection of five detailed suburban settings, perfect for those wanting to add real-life feel to their projects. Every scene shows Evermotion's commitment to high-quality design.

Why Choose Archexteriors vol. 40?

  • Easy Photorealism: No more long hours setting up your scene. Just add your building design to any of our textured scenes, click render, and see the amazing results. It's that simple.

  • Great Compatibility: Made for 3ds Max (2018 or higher), this collection works best with V-Ray 6. With support for both Forest Pack and VrayProxy, your work process is smooth.

  • Perfect Suburban Scenes: Whether it's a comfy family home or a modern design, Archexteriors vol. 40 has the right background. Beautiful gardens, paths, and lighting—all set up for you.

In architectural design, the right tools can set you apart. With Archexteriors vol. 40, you get top-quality visuals without the usual hard work.

Experience the next level in architectural design with Archexteriors vol. 40. Get closer to perfection with every click.