KeyShot 9 Released
KeyShot 9 brings you unbound creative capability to help you realize your ideas faster. Built around the view of KeyShot users that KeyShot is the hub for all their visualization needs, KeyShot 9 brings unmatched ease, simplicity, and accessibility for complete creative freedom and a level of visual agility that allows you to explore your design at the speed of thought.

KeyShot 9 Key Features

GPU Mode

KeyShot 9 introduces the ability to harness the full GPU-accelerated ray tracing power of NVIDIA RTX with OptiX. Available for both real-time rendering and local render output, KeyShot’s GPU Mode allows GPU resources to be accessed with one-click to take advantage of multi-GPU performance scaling and the dedicated ray tracing acceleration hardware in NVIDIA RTX-capable GPUs.

Denoise OFF
Denoise ON


Smooth, fast, beautiful renderings with the click of a button. Denoise works in both CPU and GPU mode to eliminate noise in the Real-Time View and render output. It turns that time crunch into a time-saver. Turn Denoise on and watch your image render up to 30x faster with the advantage of using it in an unlimited number of KeyShot Image Styles.

RealClothTM (PRO)

RealCloth is a patent-pending technology from Luxion driving a powerful, new material type which allows the creation and visualization of realistic woven materials. The material type provides control of the weave pattern (Pro) and ability to easily add flyaway fibers. New RealCloth materials have been added to the Library as well.

Web Configurator (PRO)

KeyShot 9 introduces the power to generate interactive, browser-based product configurators. Featuring fully-rendered product variations using the models, materials, and Studios of your choice, web configurators can be produced to share privately or hosted online to provide a more engaging product option experience.

3D Model Library

KeyShot 9 brings you a new Model Library filled with the highest-quality, specially curated 3D models to complement the products in your scene. All 3D models come complete with materials and textures, and are easily searched, filtered, and added to any scene with a simple drag-and-drop from KeyShot Cloud.

Creative Freedom

Unlock your imagination.

With new materials and textures, KeyShot 9 opens up your creative freedom for a new level of detail and control over your product visuals.

Fuzz Material (PRO)

For that warm, fuzzy feeling.

That warm, fuzzy feeling flooding over you isn’t in your head, it’s a new material geometry shader that brings a whole new level of realism to your products. Just open up the KeyShot Material Graph (Pro) and add any amount of fuzz you need on the surface of any material. Control length, randomness, density and more for that perfectly, fuzzy look.

Image: Magnus Skogsfjord

Contour Texture

The edge you need.

Imagine putting an edge on any material. With contour as a texture, you now have more control and flexibility while creating custom materials. You can use it to add an illustration-like effect on top of real-world materials such as metal or plastic.

Image: Dries Vervoort

Animation Curve Control (PRO)

Ease it in. Spin it out.

Controlling your animation has never been so easy. Customize the motion or appearance of an animation or a material color, bump, opacity or other property. Add controls quickly along the curve and adjust it all in real-time to create incredible part and material animations.

Generic (BRDF) Material

Ultimate material possibilities.

It’s only generic in name. The flexibility it adds is anything but. Adjust properties for sheen, clearcoat, metallic, anisotropic and more. It’s a new material that provides endless possibilities to create incredible material finishes.

Image: JohnSeymour

Visual Agility

Create like never before.

KeyShot 9 streamlines import, expands compatibility, and extends output to bring you a more agile workflow from start to finish.

Streamlined Import

Simplified to start creating faster.

It’s only generic in name. Import a KeyShot package into an open scene with only the models, cameras, and environments you want.

Substance Painter Import

Make those textures pop.

Go from immersive texture experience to immersive 3D rendering experience. KeyShot 9 automaticall generates KeyShot materials from the texture sets you create in Substance Painter. No need for additional mapping or adjustments, just drag and drop your Substance Painter texture where you want it to get the beautiful final result you need.

Browzwear VStitcher Plugin

See your apparel in a new light.

KeyShot 9 introduces a new plugin for the leading 3D software for apparel design and development. Send your garments from VStitcher straight into KeyShot 9 with all colors and textures included. It a whole new level of photorealistic apparel visualization.

X-Rite AxF TM 1.6

Deep, rich, marvelous materials.

The industry standard appearance exchange format (AxF) from X-Rite is packed with even more power and fully supported in KeyShot 9. The flexible file format now displays accurate appearance attributes for translucent and cloudy plastic-like materials.

Speed of Thought

The flexibility to visualize faster.

KeyShot is fast. From scene setup and real-time interaction to what you make and the reaction, KeyShot 9 delivers the capabilities you need to create with speed.

Tools Menu

Faster access to start creating faster.

Geometry, Material, and Camera tools all in one place. The new Tools menus in KeyShot 9 consolidates access to your favorite tools, allows you to edit geometry faster and adds the new Material Import tool to apply appearances quickly. It’s workflow improvements like this that make KeyShot so enjoyable to use.

Images: Nicolas Robertson, Esben Oxholm, John Seymour

Configurator Sub-Components & Thumbnails (PRO)

A whole new level of product options.

Parent and Component models get a new 3rd level of dependency to expand the product options and create larger groups of variations. And now, add custom model and material thumbnails to your Configurator to communicate exact product options.