R3DS WRAP 3.4 Released!

The latest version of Wrap 3.4 includes many new major improvements and features including the new Brush and BlendWrapping node as well as the new improved UI.

New Nodes


provides an example-based wrapping method that reuses pre-existing wrapped meshes to improve the wrapping quality for further models. This node reduces the need for cleanup to a minimum


provides a variety of brushes for mesh sculpting and cleanup. It is especially handy for fixing mesh artifacts after wrapping


copies a transformation from one object to another

New Features

  • Copy and paste of nodes
  • Drag and drop of models and images into the node graph
  • Improved node-graph UI
  • Import of control points in 3D format
  • Compatibility with projects made in all the previous versions of Wrap3
  • New base meshes in Wrap gallery. Includes female fullbody, skull, and teeth.
  • Improved gallery which includes project samples and can be extended with extra packs downloaded from our website
  • Support for non-latin characters in file paths
  • Menu of recently opened projects

New Tutorials

BlendWrapping Node Tutorial

Brush Node Tutorial

New Base Meshes

The new base meshes were carefully made to be both: anatomically correct and wrapping-friendly.




Female Body