Capturing the Essence of Hemingway with KeyShot

Hemingwrite writing device visuals created in KeyShot by Hossein Alfideh

Freewrite is a smart, single-purpose tool for those who want to take the next step in writing with full focus, away from distractions. The Ernest Hemingway Freewrite signature edition, Hemingwrite, is an official, limited release from Freewrite in collaboration with the Ernest Hemingway Estate that pays homage to the most iconic literary personality of the last century. Hossein Alfideh captures the essence of Hemingway in the device with the visuals created in KeyShot.

[Render] the truest [image] that you know.

Hemingway said, "Write the truest sentence that you know." Hossein features that quote in the renderings, and lives up to it in every aspect. With an eye for details and materials, he brings a classic feel to a modern device; a single-purpose tool used to create legendary stories. It's a theme he carries through the development of product shots for both the Hemingwrite device and also the Freewrite Smart Typewriter (Gen3).

For the Hemingwrite, he uses a hand-polished aluminum material for the chassis and a contrasting dark green, subtly textured plastic for the key caps, along with a studio environment that pulls out all the rich detail. (Click to enlarge images.)






For the Frewrite Smart Typewriter (Gen3), Hossein creates epic visuals inspired by an epic story. His goal with the visuals is to show how a single-purpose tool gives birth to a legendary story. "I specifically made a scene from the Moby Dick novel by Herman Melville to show the interaction between these two subjects." The visuals went on the Freewrite storefront.


"I used Blender to model the ocean, splashes, and ocean spray with liquid simulation. I used KeyShot 11 3D Paint for the foam around the whale, the bloody water, and scars on the whale skin," explains Hossein. "In my experience, it was an absolute delight to paint textures directly in KeyShot."

So, why did he use the 3D Paint tool for the textures? "The reason is that the device was modeled in SolidWorks. The greatest thing about 3D Paint is that it allows you to paint on NURBS-based models without the need for UV unwrapping. NURBS-based models, which get a bit more complex, are almost impossible to unwrap. The Hemingwrite aluminum body was created using this approach for the best possible imperfections."


You can learn more about the Hemingwrite here and the Smart Typewriter (Gen3) here. To see more of Hossein Alfideh's work, follow him on Instagram and Behance.