The FIRST Infrared and Blue Laser 3D Scanner: KSCAN-Magic Series 3D Scanners

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A first of its kind, ScanTech's KSCAN Magic and KSCAN MagicII Composite 3D scanners work on infrared and blue lasers, allowing for more precise scans. It has 5 different modes of scanning including:

  • infrared laser large area scanning mode
  • blue laser crosses fast scanning mode
  • single blue laser deep hole scanning
  • blue parallel laser fine scanning
  • built-in photogrammetry system

It's ideal for scanning projects of all sizes. To obtain data on hard-to-reach or complex surfaces, KSCAN-Magic series scanners can be equipped with a portable CMM K-Probe, providing a comprehensive 3D digital solution for precision measurement. Additionally, with its scanning speed of up 1.65 measurements/second, it will surely help you get your scanning done quickly without having to sacrifice accuracy or details.

If you're looking for the most up to date 3D scanning solution, ScanTech's KSCAN-Magic won't disappoint.

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