Automatically Reverse Engineer (Retopolize) Your 3D + 4D Human Scans

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Have you ever wondered how animated characters in your favorite movie can look so real and human? Well here is the secret: WRAP.

Wrap makes it possible to take an existing basemesh and automatically transfer it to each and every scan.

It also provides a set of very useful scan processing tools like decimation, mesh filtering, texture projection and many more. Because of their node-graph architecture, once a single scan is processed, the same recipe can be applied to process an unlimited number of other scans.

Wrap can be used in many different situations.

Digital Characters: Wrap can convert scans into production ready characters with the same topology and texture coordinates. because

Virtual Try-Ons: For those of you in the clothing industry, you can use Wrap to fit a body model with topology and adjust its shape, make measurements, and perform cloth simulations. Wrap is the perfect solution for virtual fitting room vendors.

Autorigging: Wrapping a known topology around a full-body scan is a starting point to many autorigging tools.

Scan-Based Blendshapes: With a set of human 3D scans of facial expressions, Wrap can be used to create a collection of morph-targets for further animation.